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  • A few days off : Monday 29 Sep – Thursday 2 Oct

    We are closing for a couple of days this week (September 29 – 2 October).

    Reopening on Friday 3rd October 9:00am again.

  • Servus Hong Kong: Book Publication Out Soon!

    We have been waiting for ages! If you want to read about the story behind Cafe Loisl, grab a copy of Servus Hong Kong. Available at our Cafe upon release and you can also pre-order at the Email below. Limited Edition Print. So it will go fast.

    The Austrian book project “Servus Hong Kong” by AustroCham and the Austrian Trade Commission is well underway and our small but very dedicated team of editors is now working on final touches. With over 40 contributions, “Servus Hong Kong” is about the history and adventures of Austrians and their firms in Hong Kong, as well as of Hong Kong people and companies in Austria. The book will be a stimulating and historically important compilation of impressions, experiences and anecdotes rather than just a commercial publication. As an important snapshot of Austria in the region, “Servus Hong Kong” also serves as a great gift to corporate clients.

    Pre-order your copies of the upcoming “Servus Hong Kong” book already now:

    Click me!

    Servus Hong Kong
    Austria and the Pearl of the Orient2014



  • Wiener Sänger Knaben – Vienna Boys Choir – Raise Money for Tung Wah Hospital

    Oct 2014


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