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    • Monday’s Tea Set offer to kick off your week with a smile : 68,-$ for a regular coffee + cake.
    • Open Wednesdays again: Due to popular demand we reopen Wednesday’s again, so only Tuesday’s closed.
    • New Menu updated: We have posted and updated our Menu, please check out our complete list of drinks, cakes and our newly invented Vegan Breakfast & Lunch Menu (9am – 2.30pm / 4pm – 6pm): Click Here!
    • Weekday Lunch Sets : Stay Tuned… we will roll out free delivery weekdays to the Sheung Wan area. If you are really desperate for vegan lunch & freshly pressed slow juices give us a call 9179 0209 or shoot us an email.
  • Sacher Cake & Shakerato

    Sacher Cake & Shakerato

    Sacher Cake & Shakerato

    Sacher Cake, or in Austrian called “Sachertorte” was invented by the 16 year old Franz Sacher in 1832 for a dinner of Prince Wenzel of Metternich who’s head chef had fallen ill at the time and the task of creating a unique dessert for his guests fell upon the teenage Franz Sacher. One generation later his son Eduard perfected the recipe and served it at his own Hotel Sacher, for which it has become synonymous with today. Try our Sacher Cake and enjoy typical Austrian culture. Here we have paired it with an ice-drip Shakerato (ice-drip is available when we have completed the 8-10 hour process,  1 water drop per 1.5 second, to infuse our house blend). Ice-Drip coffee is extremely smooth in taste since there is no heat involved in making this coffee. The soft and mellow tones of the coffee are more pronounced than normally. Only limited supply so please just ask if available.


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  • 45 HKD

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